This Week In History

February 01, 1964 –  U.S. and South Vietnamese naval forces initiate Operation Plan (Oplan) 34A, which calls for raids by South Vietnamese commandos, operating under American orders, against North Vietnamese coastal and island installations. 
February 02, 1944 - The 4th Marine Division, as part of the first assault on islands controlled by the Japanese before the start of World War II, captured Namur and eight other islands in the Kwajalein Atoll. 
February 03, 1988 - The Air Force Arial Achievement Medal, was established by the Secretary of the Air Force. 
February 04, 1944 - President Roosevelt authorized the Bronze Star Medal.
February 05, 1865 -  Union and Confederate forces around Petersburg, Virginia, begin a three-day battle that produces 3,000 casualties but ends with no significant advantage for either side.
February 06, 1899 - The Spanish-American War ends.
February 07, 1984 -  While in orbit 170 miles above Earth, Navy Captain Bruce McCandless becomes the first human being to fly untethered in space when he exits the U.S. space shuttle Challenger and maneuvers freely, using a bulky white rocket pack of his own design




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