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Welcome to VETERANS' OUTREACH Internet Community! Veterans' Outreach is proud to finally have a multi-faceted presence on the World Wide Web. We hope that you enjoy your visit while you learn about us and scan through all that this site has to offer, such as the news links, corporate gallery, store depot, veterans services, and so on. Veterans’ Outreach, with this site, will finally be able to reach out to wherever there are AMERICAN VETERANS, to offer a "beacon of hope", a flame in the night, to our vets in need. We hope to inspire, connect, and help transform a bad situation into a managed opportunity. The development of this Internet project will be an ongoing work in progress. It will be a place where the world of our military, our veterans, and loved ones can come together and be united stronger than ever in "serving and honoring" all of America's heroes!

Top 4 Ways To Help Veterans' Outreach Today

Like most nonprofits, Veterans’ Outreach depends on public support to help meet the needs of its mission. Veterans’ Outreach works tirelessly each day for veterans’ assistance not only in Youngstown, but throughout several parts of the country. We are a veterans’ assistance organization that exists for the sole purpose of assisting. Sometimes, the organizations who do the helping need help themselves. Following are the top 4 ways that you can help VO today; they’re quick, easy and always 100% appreciated.


Veterans' Voices: Kentuckiana


As veterans re-adjust to civilian life, advocacy groups can help them examine and solve their problems. One is Veterans' Voices, a nonprofit organization with 113 volunteer councils across the United States.


Celebrate July 4th by Giving Back to Our Veterans — Volunteer, anyone?

The BEST way to show your thanks this Fourth of July, to those who fought for your freedoms, is to make a commitment. Volunteer a small piece of your available time!
 A volunteer is our greatest, most precious commodity that a charity can boast. They are worth their weight in gold! Here at Veterans’ Outreach, we have plenty of opportunities for volunteering.
Contact us and we will show you how!

Veteran’s Trek: 2,700 Miles To Awareness and Self-Discovery

Map of the documented trek completed by Anthony Anderson and Tom Voss.

Proposed Tracking System Sheds Light on Invisible Battle Scars

When soldiers return home with invisible injuries, many may have trouble getting treatment. Proper documentation for mild or traumatic brain injury triggered by combat is difficult under the current system, which sets up a road block for many vets suffering from anxiety, depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Michael Fairman. Photo Credit: WOSU

Barbie Treharn: proof that a hand up can turn a veteran's life around.

Caitlin Schlabach, staff writer

Barbie Treharn and Bob Julian standing outstide VO in Struthers, OH


As an organization we are often blessed with meeting true heroes.



Surviving the Flames, a USS Arizona Survivor's Story

Brunner Ariz Memorial

(Lauren Bruner (center) is escorted by Chief Historian Daniel Martinez (right) and Navy Captain Jim James (left) to the USS Arizona Memorial)

Surviving the Flames, a USS Arizona Survivor's Story
By: Caitlin Schlabach, Staff Journalist

Custom Button


Design your very own custom button for family, friends or your favorite veteran. You will be contacted after your order is submitted for design instructions on your button.


Live History Revisited by Caitlin Schlabach

Throughout the past year, life has taken me many places. From the tundra of Alaska to my hometown in Wisconsin and out to Hawaii- all the while still working with Veterns’ Outreach.

Meet the Staff Series: Bob Wheeler's Story

staff writer, Caitlin Schlabach
   Bob Wheeler, manager of Veterans’ Outreach’s Alabama office is most certainly a character. A proud, retired Navy veteran, Wheeler has been involved with the VO for nearly 11 years and stands as one of our staunchest supporters. 

Charity Fraud Watch

We have created this document with the public’s awareness and protection as our driving force.  We have learned over the years that the public is taken advantage of by folks who claim to be something that they are not. Charities are a needed and appreciated asset for our society.  They are the driving force of goodwill towards men.  Philanthropy is earned by a charity’s credibility and legitimacy.

VO's Caitlin Steinberg In Alaska - Entry #2

At times, my time teaching across southeastern Alaskan panhandle seems a blur. Each week’s itinerary differed only slightly - travel Saturday, explore island Sunday, teach Monday through Friday, repeat. One look at my dizzying collection of airline and ferry receipts is proof enough. Life moved quickly. We settled in, laid out lesson plans, contacted locals, met our new, (and always exciting!) class, and set off making the most of each island.

Remembering and honoring those touched by September 11

Here at Veterans' Outreach, we would like to extend our deepeset condolances to those who lost loved ones on September 11, as well as those brave souls who stood strong in NYC on that fateful morning. On that morning, we stood as a strong, united country... let us stand together again!


Veterans' Outreach Receives Donation From Home Savings Charitable Foundation

Youngstown, OH  (August 17, 2012) – Veterans’ Outreach, a non-profit, charitable organization, was recently presented with a check for $5,000 from the Home Savings Charitable Foundation for annual program support.

A Brother's Love Comes Full Circle

By Linda Fudala-Tucker
Peg Sonoga was barely 17 when George Goddard, a couple years her senior, asked her to dance at a neighborhood dance in their hometown of Youngstown, Ohio. She had spotted him among the crowd of young people and thought he was looking at her too.

A Brother's Love Motivates Bob Goddard

By Linda Fudala-Tucker
Bob Goddard was only six years old when the United States got drawn into World War II. His brothers, 13 and 15 years older, both enlisted, one before and one shortly after Pearl Harbor was attacked on Dec. 7, 1941.
“They were my heroes and I looked up to them,” said Goddard, now 77.
One brother returned from the war, the other did not.

"A Way To Give Back" - Charlotte Sun Front Page Article

North Port - Larry Fiata, a 56-year-old Navy veteran of the Vietnam War, credits Veterans' Outreach for helping him to right his own ship.

"I'll be perfectly honest with you, I'm an ex-offender," Fiata said. "I had some problems with drugs and alcohol use and did some time. When I came out, I started to clean up my life and needed some help."

VO's Caitlin Steinberg In Alaska - Entry #1

This summer, Veterans’ Outreach staff writer, Caitlin Steinberg, has taken a seasonal position on a traveling rural education team. Periodically throughout the summer months, Caitlin will check in with the VO, writing about the deep bonds between the Alaskan people, volunteerism, and their land as well as the inherent pride all Alaskans have for their state- the final frontier.

Take A Moment To Remember Those Fallen Who Have Kept This Country Free

The US Navy produced the following video of Taps for Memorial day and we wanted to share it with you. We at Veterans' Outreach as well as the United States Navy think its important to remind people why we have a Memorial Day.


Our sincere thanks go out to all service men and women that have sacrificed their lives to keep this great country free. And we salute all of those that are currently serving or have served in our great military.


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